Free Download – Create Your Own Book!

AVPageView 13022015 52905 PMCreate your ‘own’ book of memories!

Download FREE colourful worksheets below; so that you can reflect on the small acts of love and gratitude from your own mother. “Bonding those precious moments in one heart-warming place.”

                                                                                       Insert your photo        Write your memory

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Jot down your memories              Write your own                       Sample book

Everyone has beautiful moments in their life.

Spend a lazy Sunday looking through your own photos or visit a place of your childhood for inspiration.  it will become easier once you have written a few.  All you have to do is refocus on them. And when you do, your life will change. Try to let go of the big events.

Perhaps, share this time with your children. Take them on your own childhood journey. The gift will continue through the generations as you share wonderful memories.

I found it easier to write what I Loved or I Am Grateful for about my mother in just a phrase or sentence as I remembered them, and then go back to my list to reflect what it had taught or showed me.

PRINT YOUR OWN BOOK: A wonderful keepsake for all the family.

Insert your own images and words. Make it as colourful and unique as you like!

  • Create your own book using one of the simple apps available online. CreateBook is a very, very easy to use app.
  • If you want a professional job, go to iPhoto for Mac users.


A wonderful gift for a mother, friends or yourself.

‘My intention was to give a heartfelt give to my mother, it turned out to be the greatest gift I gave to myself.’

Look Inside – click:  COVER BOOK 800   

 Available links:  Balboa Press:     Amazon:     Barnes and Noble:

*Please be aware, this is a picture book, not all background images and fonts appear on E-Book or Kindle version. The translation and visual will be a little lost, however the essence of the words will be there. 

18 Responses to Free Download – Create Your Own Book!

  1. Seafarr says:

    You’ve inspired me to get started on my own book, it could take years though ha!


  2. Lexa says:

    I so recommend to take the time to do it. It was a lot of fun and quite healing for me, those nasty little dregs of head talk just floated away. ha ha Yep, we all have them. You will remember some funny things from your life. It originally took me about 3 months, balling my eyes out. As my brother says, our family has the crying gene! ha ha ha 🙂 thanks for commenting, greatly appreciate it! 🙂


  3. Phoenix Rainez says:

    This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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