Book Review – ‘Perfect gift book – sweet but not sickly’ by Jean Gill

Book Review – ‘Perfect gift book – sweet but not sickly’ by Jean Gill

I just received another beautifully penned review on my book. I’m so glad others see the intention behind the book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect gift book – sweet but not sickly,July 1, 2015 Review link on Amazon

This review is from: To Mum, Gifts from Your Soul: Gifts that Inspire Love and Gratitude (Paperback)
I defy anybody to read this beautiful little book without being moved to tears and memories – in a good way. In nuggets of childhood memories, both in words and photos, Lexa acknowledges with love and gratitude how each contributed to the person she is today.Each page sparked off my own memories of my mother – much-missed – and this would be a lovely book to share with a mum or a daughter. There are three blank pages on which a reader can do just that and include his/her own ‘gifts from the soul’ – as a present, this is a beautiful way to say ‘I love you’ to whoever in your life has taken on the role of parent.

Through writing her tribute to her mother, Lexa let go of all the ‘stuff’ that we all carry in relationships. It ‘finally floated away in the breeze, like the seeds of the dandelion’. The image of the dandelion is used as a background on the pretty gold and green paper – nice touch.

I will definitely use this book as a stimulus in writing workshops on memoir and autobiography – reading Lexa’s experience really makes you want to share your own story.

About Lexa

Recently moved back to my home town, Bondi. After our mum passed away, I published a book I wrote for her ninetieth birthday four years previously. I had to write one for dad - even though he passed away several years previously - it's never too late to tell someone you love them. Now touring the globe visiting the towns of our ancestors....Just when we thought our journey was finished.....
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