IS KINDNESS OVERRATED? – guest post by Margaret Ann Loveday

IS KINDNESS OVERRATED? – guest post by Margaret Ann Loveday

on 25/04/2015

Today’s guest is author Margaret Ann Loveday, who promotes her threads of love principle as a living example. Read what she has to say about kindness, and you can find out more about her and her book below her post. Thank you for sharing this, Margaret…

Is Kindness Overrated – NO NEVER – There is never enough!

In a world filled with tragedy, loneliness, heartbreak, stress, sadness, war, suffering, hunger, prejudice, injustice, greed, hatred and natural disasters; where ever there is a need, kindness will be required.

Kindness can come in many ways,  lend a hand, cook a dinner, fix a fence, mow a lawn, write a letter of encouragement, give a gift, send a card, say a kind word, give a smile or a hug, hold a hand, give a kiss, show affection, these are acts of kindness.


‘Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless’
Mother Teresa

We see kindness displayed all around us when disaster strikes. Great organisations are built on kindness, organisations like ‘Red Cross’ and the ‘Salvation Army’, they operate on a basis of kindness to give in time of need.

During a recent storm, a man, risked his life to save two people, in a flash flood; another saved horses stranded in a flooded river, acts of kindness are endlessly displayed.

We see people working together and helping each other. Mother Teresa said, ‘If you can’t feed a hundred, feed one’.  Why do we watch on in time of disaster, or tragedy willing each other on, praying for each other, feeling that lump in the throat, the tears in our eyes, feeling another’s sadness?  Why do we feel moved to help?

Because kindness has its origin and very essence in love; and love, is the essential part of every human being … Love is an ever powerful force that knits the fabric of humanity together.


“All you need is Love” sang The Beatles.

‘Love is kind’ says the Bible.

Kindness is the fruit of ‘Pure Love’.  One small act of kindness towards another person, an animal and nature; can warm a heart, save a life, bring light in darkness, change a circumstance, make a difference, and change the cause of history.  Giving kindness even gives to the giver, for as we spread kindness it warms our own heart and satisfies our longing to love.


Kindness … No, it could never be overrated.  We can not exist in this world without ‘Love’ and its fruit – kindness.  It is as important as air!  Is air over-rated?

Margaret Ann Loveday

About the author and her book (from her Amazon author page):


Blurb for Margaret Ann Loveday’s book Emily:

“Love; Capture Your Heart, Appreciate Life and Believe the Impossible”
A story of love’s journey; miracles, adventure, family, hopes and dreams fulfilled.  Set in an Australian beach and bush setting, it encompasses the beauty of the environment, the Australian culture and way of life.
Emily is blessed with an optimistic charismatic personality and is adored by everyone except her parents. Her loving Great Grandmother Ruby fights to give Emily the right to life, and raises her on love and good, old fashioned values. Ruby encourages little Emily to succeed and excel beyond all odds, with her simple faith which propels her towards her highest hope of finding the love she craves.
Orchestrated by a series of miracles, the thread of love entwines around the broken hearts of three people, bringing them together and healing them completely.

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Recently moved back to my home town, Bondi. After our mum passed away, I published a book I wrote for her ninetieth birthday four years previously. I had to write one for dad - even though he passed away several years previously - it's never too late to tell someone you love them. Now touring the globe visiting the towns of our ancestors....Just when we thought our journey was finished.....
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